Gamers have a lot of questions about clicking and clicking speed. If you too are a gamer, you must know why and how much clicking speed matters. If not, let me tell you, your clicking speed matters a lot! You cannot call yourself a gamer if your clicking speed is not satisfactory. Clicking speed is measured in CPS (Clicks per Second). Do you know your clicking speed yet? If not, try Clicks Test. You can feed the clicking time as per requirements from 5s to 100 seconds. You can begin your clicking game and check the scores at the end. If you find your scores to be not good enough, keep practicing. 


Now, let’s get to the topic. So what’s double click?

One of the most common definitions is to click the mouse twice continuously on the computer screen. Generally, it the process of selecting certain item (or, items) on the screen. According to Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, to double click is “to quickly press twice on a mouse button in order to perform an action on your computer”. And, according to Oxford double-clicking means, to “press a computer mouse button twice in quick succession to select a file, program, or function”. 

When should you double click?

So, before getting to the gaming implications of double-clicking, let us first learn when exactly you double click on the computer. The answer is, if you wish to perform an action like opening a folder or running software, you can simply double click. It is an easier way than applying a right-click on the icon and then choosing the ‘open’ button. It goes the same way for entering into a computer game. There are also some levels in online games that require you to double click on the mentioned area to run a certain function. There, double-clicking works as an essential. 

What is double click speed?

The maximum delay between two consecutive clicks to consider it a double-click is not standardized. For the basic Windows version, the time delay is 500 ms (half a second). If you aren’t fast enough to perform a double click, you might as well have problems in gaming. Because gaming demands jet-speed clicking. 

Now, does double-clicking affect gaming?

The answer is yes, and no! Double-clicking is essential at certain phases. As mentioned before, there are levels where double-clicking is the only way to execute or run a certain function in gaming. But that doesn’t mean double-clicking affects your whole game. If it is a game that doesn’t require you to click as much, you are good to go. But again, the modern era has games where the most essential part is fast-clicking. There you would require more than a double click action to play. 

Apart from that, double-clicking is just a function; it isn’t an essential component in gaming. If you know the rules, you can hop into any online gaming. Just make sure your CPS is pretty good. You got your answer now. Keep playing!

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